Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Plot Work for Trailer and concept of film behind the Trailer

In order to make a film trailer we are going to make a real plot for the film, and then we take some shots of video and use them as the main shorts for the trailer. This will make the trailer look more professional and really real.
The first stage of our project is to make the plot. In order to do this as a group but do a far share amount of work we have each set our self’s the task of writing an individual plot.

The story of our film is following a young female model, trying to make a career in the modelling industry; she is leading a very busy life. Have just graduated though education, the concept of becoming a professional model seems very far always. To kick start some work and get herself know into the modelling community, she starts working with a small time agency which deals in small scale advertising. It is not much but it’s a start. Luckily for her, the rights to her modelling are quickly brought and taken over by different agency, in London Soho and Mayfair. The company is a lot more professional and deals with large adverting on glossy mages and bill boards for high end clothing retailers.
However the demand for the perfect body becomes extreme and the presser becomes too much to deal with. Her face becomes heavily used worldwide, at first she enjoys the jet set life style, but becomes too tried to enjoy it. She loses contact with her family because she is unable to make it home for Christmas.
In the end she has a break down, which means she loses her agent and glamorous life style, she takes 8 months off work. To get back basics, after a long time deciding she goes back to work but only very small part time photo shoots. The new, small town agency she works for is nothing commandeered to the famous brand she used to work for. They are supportive and are pleased to have such a famous face in there agency. She is approached by a number of agencies, however she decides that might be too much.
X really gets on with this new way of life, her doctors and family are always telling not to get over worked. Which could trigger her to become ill again and could never recover, this is why she starts to work for a different agency, which asks a lot less work from her.  
Ends the film with the small agency becoming very popular and powerful, her brand that follows her body and face becomes very well know and high market due to the little amount of work which she does. This makes here loads of money, builds a strong family and has lots of time to spend with the kids. End the on a happy ending.

Shown in the trailer
The trailer starts quite slow, explaining X’s life and building on her early days as a model, little bits of school, and model contests. This goes on to show her new work in a small agency, in her local city. Now fast pace moves on too high market fashion companies in London to months later she is forgotten about by the press and media, slowly starts working again. Moves up the ladder, but not doing lots of work. Becomes quite famous luxury brand i.e. Tiger Woods. Secretive working for small agency but they become very successful, but photos and modelling only happen about once a month.

Not in the Trailer
Finds husband had children lives quiet happy life, happy ending