Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Website ideas

Myself and Mel have started to look into different websites and designs, we decided to use which is a free Website allowing the user to use the website builder and make Flash websites with an easy drag and drop online platform. A bit like BeBo, over the course of Wednesday’s media lessons we researched lots of different templates which would fit into our category for making our website; i.e. the genre of the film and type of audience that would look at this page. Moreover I found that large filmmaking production companies have used Wix to make their own websites for instance Warner Brothers.
Below are the website ideas we got from Wix, it’s given us clear platforms to work on and build our websites around. Each one has interesting flash screens and layouts which are all appealing, we will carefully judge each one of the website plan and chose the best one which fits into the critic for our plan.

Here’s the first web screen layout, its simple and effective but we want more.

This one is good but to plain and boring for the trailer/film it also needs more flash.

I like the idea of having a preview/enter page but this one is way too simple.

I will research more pages at a later date, but for the time being this one seems to fit into our selection points of having video option and flash. Also having funky graphics and tool buttons.

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Modern Mood-board

Over the last couple of weeks, the group have finalized the theme for the film story and trailer. Throughout this process we have look at lots of different research and ideas to gain plenty of knowledge to develop quality content. Moreover, Mel has used Adobe Photoshop to design this mood board; each of the following pictures has a meaning behind it and has been carefully chosen. For instance the New York picture on the right shows the repressive feel of the urban area, also it show the busyness of the city and hectic life styles of the population living there.

Friday, 18 March 2011

Website research into similar genres

Over the past week I have been looking at movie websites that fit the same genre as our film/trailer, however I have struggled to find movies with good websites that fit into our category. For this reason I have decided to go back to the “Twelve” film. Moreover I found that the website graphically is very good, myself and Mel will take on board these themes and use them when designing our website. It has been carefully targeted towards a younger age, plus by the video content the production company are defiantly trying to target the young girl market like we are and brake throw successfully and gain a wide strong audience. The “home page” layout has a widow affect as if the audience are looking throw into the lives of the actors, this would able greatly to younger girls, I think we will use this design also the website is quite clear and precise and it not to completed for younger audiences, giving them straight away the realse dates for the film and a list of the main actors. 
Consistently as well it has large photos which give a clear out line of the main actors give the audience the opportunity of seeing them close up, which girls appeal to. However I am not so sure about the colour scheme i.e. the red and black background; this makes the website feel the dark and horror like, we are making sure not to make the same mistake, but also not by going the other way by being two pink and girly. But needs to have a grown up feel to it and be mature but not boring. 
Another important aspect is the trailer loading straight away at the start forcing most users to watch it and making them gain interest, we will defiantly use this tool when making our website. Finally it is very less cluttered than other movie websites this could be because the film was a “flop” but I quite like that feel of getting to the point quickly and not messing around, but there is one thing we will have that this one does not and that is having fan chat/forme page, so the audience can talk to each other and knowledge of the film can spread. 

Here is the website link;

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Poster Development

One of the main tasks set is to make a poster for this reason myself and Mel over the last couple of weeks have now started to think about this and the main genres needed to make the file successful, we have already looked at similar poster and now just need to get down and design the real thing. We have drawn up some basic ideas which you will below,

-Myself and the group agree that this poster is our favourite, it really shows the conventions we are trying to get across to the audience, moreover id it is placed in a public area, people will be shocked and more likely to stop and take note of this upcoming film, also later they are likely to go on the internet and watch the trailer.

-This poster is not very good, basically it would not work by drawing people and its plan boring, but it does not mean we can’t take ideas from it, like how to not make our boring. 

-We all agree this is the second best poster, the idea of having the measuring tape and being trapped sums up the whole convention and theme of our trailer, this is a very positive aspect of the poster and will defiantly be used in the future.

Final Plot

Our group has now decided on the final plot, this means our group now have a clear idea on which direction the film should be going; the plot below shows how our trailer and film will be laid out and flow. Most of the ideas and opinions of the groups have been put into the plot; however as some points we had to compare them and cut down. This was an interesting task because it really showed the different opinions of myself, Mel and Phoebe which I think we have forced into the Plot.

"An 18 year old girl has been influenced by magazines and music videos to become a model. She becomes inspired by a certain photographer and model and starts looking up modelling agencies on the internet to start her modelling career. She finds a website that requires a portfolio of photos so she asks her long term boyfriend to take the pictures for her. He knows how hard it is to get into a modelling industry but is supportive enough to take the pictures; he doesn’t quite take her seriously but likes the novelty of having a model as a girlfriend.
The pictures are sent off to the agency she waits anxiously for 3 weeks before she eventually gets a reply saying she is not the right build and the agency’s models are a size 6 or lower, this affects her confidence but she is determined and starts to diet and go to the gym. From a size 12 she gets down to a size 10 in a month, she gives up through frustration and decides that food is the problem so starts to eat less and less. Her family notice and confront her, when she tells them they don’t support her and they tell her to concentrate on something more productive because modelling is unhealthy and won’t give her a future. She refuses to give up on her dream and looks to the internet for more answers.

She comes across an online chat service and meets a girl who tells her she has recently got into an agency and is working as a model. The main girl is in awe of the chat girl and asks for advice, the chat girl tells her that stopping eating only bloats her and that eating then bringing it back up makes you slimmer. The main girl doesn’t like this idea but as she has stopped dieting and is having to eat normally in front of her parents it has been harder for her to lose weight. She starts being sick after meals and she notices she has gone down to a size 8 in less than a month. However, this affects her mood and her boyfriend notices their relationship suffering as she keeps more secrets from him and chooses to exercise rather than meet up with him. He goes round to her house without her knowing and is let into her room, he sees her magazines all around the room and then notices a log she has kept showing how many calories she may have digested during the day and the amount of hours she is been exercising. He confronts her and she shouts at him telling him to keep out of her business, he tells her he is worried about her and that she has to stop and he won’t let her carry on. He convinces her to start eating again. The main girl confides in her online friend telling her she cannot lose weight because of the people around her. The girl tells her that the other option is cocaine and gives her details of a dealer in her area. It takes a couple of days before she makes the decision to go buy some cocaine she meets the dealer and nervously tells him why she is buying it he replies telling her she is really attractive and will definitely make it, this encourages her further to reach her modelling career. She holds off using the drug for a long time as she knows it is wrong but is torn between her passion for modelling and what is the best thing to do. She makes a line of the drug on her desk and goes to snort it the camera focuses on surrounded by pictures of her friends and boyfriend.

Her boyfriend is then seen reading an email saying he has been offered a job in London; he is excited but concerned for his girlfriend it then cuts to her weighing herself and looking at herself in the mirror sucking in her stomach. She then has an email from an agency arranging a meeting to have some practise shots in London she is very excited. Both boyfriend and girlfriend travel to London together however the girl tells her boyfriend she will be shopping while the boyfriend has told her he will be meeting up with some old friends. It then double screens to the boyfriend shaking meeting a man for his meeting and the girl meeting the photographer it then shows the boyfriend sitting down at a desk and the girl standing in front of a backdrop. Fades to blackout still split screen shows the boyfriend leaving smiling and the girl leaving looking worried and upset.

They both meet in the car and hardly speak to each other. Blackout. Girl is seen on the floor of her room crying with an envelope from the agency on the floor in front of her. Her boyfriend walks in also with an envelope in his hand and smiling. He sees her crying on the floor and runs to her he asks what is wrong but she says nothing, he takes the envelope off the floor and opens it, she grabs it shocking her boyfriend who then starts to fight for the envelope there is a struggle and he manages to open the envelope and see the photos inside, he is shocked and destroyed at the nude images of her obviously looking uncomfortable. He tells her she has gone too far and that he was worried to tell her he had got a job in London and he was moving away but that her decision had made his a lot easier, he storms out the room and the girl is left to cry on the floor.

 The main girl to talk to her online friend and continues to take cocaine and get skinnier. Her parents notice but her relationship with them is ruined she no longer listens to them and shuts herself in her room. She is a little more cautious about other agency’s but she is getting more offers than ever and now sees her 1st shoot as experience her attitude has changed and she becomes numb. She is seen going to another photo shoot involving other people her dressing room consists of two other women who hardly to talk each other, she goes over to talk thinking because they are modelling they have something in common, they look her up and down laugh and ignore her. So the girl goes to the toilets and snorts more cocaine showing she has become reliant on cocaine for her emotions also. The shoot is about girls in their pyjamas having a pillow fight due to her unsuccessful attempt to talk to the girls she finds it hard to act as if she knows them and is having fun, she is thrown off the photo shoot which makes her extremely angry she goes back to her room rips up all her magazines but stops at one from her favourite photographer.

She is seen having many pictures taken but none are successful she realises that there is more to modelling than being skinny there is technique as well she starts taking more cocaine and losing more weight. She turns up to a photo shoot looking tired and ill she is taken to make up and the woman tells her she looks awful the girl snaps at her and the woman refuses to do her make up telling her she will never get anywhere with such a bad attitude. The girl does her own make up and goes in for the shoot he tells her she looks fabulous and takes the photos enthusiastically telling her she is exactly what they wanted.  After shaking hands with the photographer she leaves happy, a week after the photos are printed in magazines and on billboards as the girl who is in need of mental help new makeup and products and even one showing her as a woman suffering from a sexual disease reading ‘if you could see aids would you still take her home?’. She is horrified to see the pictures everywhere her parents throw her out of the house and she is left to live on the streets.

 Her boyfriend is then seen leaving a building in a suit and tie he is catching a bus when he gets given a leaflet by a girl wearing a t-shirt saying aids awareness it has his girlfriend’s picture of her looking terrible. He instantly starts to worry about her and tries to call her there is no answer. He then calls her parents they answer but tell him they do not know who the girl is, this worries him more and he sets off to try and find her.

While walking through the subway to her house he sees a homeless person on the floor he walks straight past them and she looks up after him it’s the girl. He tires all night to find her but fails. He walks back the homeless person is missing but as he gets to his car he sees the homeless person standing by his car, he then realises it is his girlfriend. He runs up to her as she faints into his arms he starts to cry and there is a blackout. She is seen in a hospital environment with her boyfriend by her side she wakes up and he starts to tell her that her organs had started to fail she may have brain damage from lack of food and the cocaine use he tells her he never wanted to leave her on her own but he lost it and he will be there from now on. She spends days and days in hospital recovering and her boyfriend is there every day. Her parents eventually turn up her mum in tears and they are happy she is getting better. She says she still wants to model but she has learnt from her lesson, it then cuts to a couple of years on both her and her boyfriend are hand in hand looking up at a billboard for a lead brand with the girl on it.

It has been important for our group to understand the conventions of the trailer, this will have to be closely linked with all aspects of media for instance mise on scen. To some up the core themes need to be included in the trailer without giving away the story but making the audience interested to go and see the film. You will below the some photos of the plot and how we have edited and flicked around with ideas. Also it helped us pull out the best ideas and only use these in our trailer.

Monday, 14 March 2011

Research into Trailer with same genre

TWELVE trailer gaining ideas

Over the last week I have skimming the internet trying to find films that fit our genre and get ideas off them, thus to reuse them in our actual filming. Myself and Mel found this crime/drama crime film directed by Joel Schumacher. The film follows closely along the same lines as ours but has more of a darker feel to it. It follows the life of White Mike (Chace Crawford), once a wealthy, carefree teenager, now struggles to scrape out a living as a pot dealer, dealing to his former classmates. The film is similar because it follows large group of people who don’t have much control over their lives. Moreover, it is similar by showing the dark side to being wealthy and white in Manhattan, New York. The film is very stereotypical by expressing the dark drug dealer as the “evil guy”, and having the young white middle class from a private school as taken advantaged off; by the lower classes. A shot ending of the plot is that White Mike is the only one to survive and ends up living a different life in a different country. Consistently the film is clever in the way it portrays the cast and the both our film and this film are set in an urban setting, making life seem glamorous with everyone becoming rich. Also with it being set in a city means there is more likelihood meeting people and more opportunities available for story to progress into successful ending.

I have carefully taken on board the trailer and tried to take away as many ideas as possible to make ours successful, I think this trailer is very good in portraying the inside lives of the people without giving the whole story away meaning that the audience are more inclined to go and see it at the cinema. Also the trailer starts slow and progresses throughout not giving the story away, the music is all reverent to the genre and the setting, and I have taken on board this and we will do the same when it comes to editing our trailer. As well as this I think the most important aspect our trailer needs to do is, end on a high and really make the audience want to see the film.

Locations of filming

Over the last couple of weeks and in the upcoming days we will be filming at varies places and building.
Over the cause of our filming it has been a struggle to choose the locations, but we have finally decided on the last location which will be held in the church at Holt village. This building has very large windows and large white walls, which will make the film and mise on scene right.
Moreover there is a strong likely hood that we will have to redo some of the shots and we will re visit some of the locations.
The main location we have filmed at so far is Phoebe’ house in Verwood, a map is seen below;

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Filming Update

So far we have filmed about half of the text; however we have had problems with the tape due to a broken camera, pulling out the film out of the tape. Causing the tape to brake and us being unable to put it onto the PC and editing meaning that we will have to re-film the whole film.
We are going to do this to-night and also take photos of the main actor for the films poster and some short videos for the website.
Overall we are planning to get most of the filming done.

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Filming Update;

The plan for tonight is get at least half of the filming done so that we can start to focuses on the editing.

Basic REVIEWS Page-plan

-This is a print screen of our groups review article layout, overall I think it is quite suitable; moreover I have researched into similar articles and magazines in which I have gained ideas and the rules for the layouts. An example of this would be empire magazine which is famous for it detailed reviews of films and DVD’s; however they do have large amounts of text which can scare many readers away. For this reason I am planning on have a reasonable amount of text but not too much. My priority is to have a single large photo which will draw the readers in; it is going to be hard to choose such a screenshot from our film however this task can be left to the end of the process.

How our page will look!

-Here is example of a everyday article which would be found in a film magazine this one is from Empire magazine and is about .the recent release of Paul, staring Simon Pegg and Nick Frost.  I have taken on board the five star rating, which i will use in our review.

Here are a couple of photos showing a typical layout of a magazine review page lay out.

Change of plan!!!
We have decided as a group to know longer to a review page but instead we are doing a website for the film and poster. The only part changing is the review page.

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Weather for filming

We are planning to continue filming over the next week and maybe the week after, however we might be doing a shot amount of filming outside, in which the weather conditions can lead to issues (problems last year). Therefore I am going to check the BBC weather and Met office websites daily to make sure everything is all right. After vising the building in which will be the studio for the photo-shoot scene, I realised that the large windows can course problems when the weather turns sunny or cloudy, therefor we are going to be extra careful when capturing the footage. An example of this for today is shown below.