Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Plot Work for Trailer and concept of film behind the Trailer

In order to make a film trailer we are going to make a real plot for the film, and then we take some shots of video and use them as the main shorts for the trailer. This will make the trailer look more professional and really real.
The first stage of our project is to make the plot. In order to do this as a group but do a far share amount of work we have each set our self’s the task of writing an individual plot.

The story of our film is following a young female model, trying to make a career in the modelling industry; she is leading a very busy life. Have just graduated though education, the concept of becoming a professional model seems very far always. To kick start some work and get herself know into the modelling community, she starts working with a small time agency which deals in small scale advertising. It is not much but it’s a start. Luckily for her, the rights to her modelling are quickly brought and taken over by different agency, in London Soho and Mayfair. The company is a lot more professional and deals with large adverting on glossy mages and bill boards for high end clothing retailers.
However the demand for the perfect body becomes extreme and the presser becomes too much to deal with. Her face becomes heavily used worldwide, at first she enjoys the jet set life style, but becomes too tried to enjoy it. She loses contact with her family because she is unable to make it home for Christmas.
In the end she has a break down, which means she loses her agent and glamorous life style, she takes 8 months off work. To get back basics, after a long time deciding she goes back to work but only very small part time photo shoots. The new, small town agency she works for is nothing commandeered to the famous brand she used to work for. They are supportive and are pleased to have such a famous face in there agency. She is approached by a number of agencies, however she decides that might be too much.
X really gets on with this new way of life, her doctors and family are always telling not to get over worked. Which could trigger her to become ill again and could never recover, this is why she starts to work for a different agency, which asks a lot less work from her.  
Ends the film with the small agency becoming very popular and powerful, her brand that follows her body and face becomes very well know and high market due to the little amount of work which she does. This makes here loads of money, builds a strong family and has lots of time to spend with the kids. End the on a happy ending.

Shown in the trailer
The trailer starts quite slow, explaining X’s life and building on her early days as a model, little bits of school, and model contests. This goes on to show her new work in a small agency, in her local city. Now fast pace moves on too high market fashion companies in London to months later she is forgotten about by the press and media, slowly starts working again. Moves up the ladder, but not doing lots of work. Becomes quite famous luxury brand i.e. Tiger Woods. Secretive working for small agency but they become very successful, but photos and modelling only happen about once a month.

Not in the Trailer
Finds husband had children lives quiet happy life, happy ending

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Shaky camerawork

I am wanting the film to be an ammeter, rough feeling with the real material. This can be archived though “hand held” filming. This gives the viewer an opportunity to experience real life feel to the story line, I think that people will enjoy and get into it if they are able to relate to it, and by filming this way this can be archived. A number of modern films have tried this idea and they have been really successful i.e. Cloverfield, which is based on an “end of the world” storyline in New York, very much like Godzilla. This film is completely film with a hand held camera. This makes concept of filming completely different. It was the first time that a large filming production company to back an idea like this, a number of leading people in the filming industry have raised negative opinions about this because they said if the idea “catched” on then it would ruin whole filming industry because lots of small filming company’s would be able to for the first time make “well Know” successful films and this would pull done the professional filming companies as a whole.
We as a group have gone into great detail about this idea and fallowing this genre we all thought it was a good idea, however I think that if there is too much hand held filming, it will make the film go too far into the amateur cycle. Consequently we don’t have a big budget and this will have a knock on effect with the being successful. In my opinion Cloverfields was only successful because it at a lot of money throne behind it and they were able to do wonders with the Special effects i.e. building falling down and fire everywhere. We don’t have this, so I have suggested that we do a bit of both (half a trailer with Shaky camerawork, hand held filming and the other half done professionally, old school good quality). This remix should bring in both sides of an audience spectrum and make our film successful and well know. Our policy of using shaky camerawork will suggest unprepared, unrehearsed filming of reality, and can provide a sense of dynamics, immersion, instability or nervousness.

Monday, 22 November 2010

The Beautiful Life: TBL

The Beautiful Life: TBL
Is an American television drama series, which ran on The CW from September 16, 2009 to September 23, 2009. It revolved around a group of male and female models sharing a residence in New York City.
I am studying this drama because it has a similar natured plot to what we are planning. I am hoping to be able to get some ideas to be able to make a detailed plot, for our trailer.
It is interesting to study a different drama and it is good to see our idea being really used to make real production program. However on the down side this program was canceled after two episodes due to low ratings. Six full episodes were produced, while the cancellation came during the filming of the seventh episode. On November 17, 2009, The New York Daily News reported that the CW planned to air the remaining episodes during the summer months. However, a CW spokesperson stated that "the status of unaired episodes has yet to be determined, and as of now, the remaining episodes are still yet to air.
This gives us a clear insight into how our film might perform in a real release. I lots of production media ideas, they sound good on paper but it becomes open game when open to a wide audience and trying to attract viewings. Understandably we will not have to worry about viewing because of course our project is not real, however this does not stop us from treating it as one and we will continue to use all the equipment and support available to us, to make as real as possible.

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

New filming idea trailer

Our group (myself, Phoebe and Me) have decided to change the concept of the task however use the same idea. It would have been very difficult to make a short film on the idea we had because the idea or genre needed more time to develop, however we only a short time to make the film. Therefore we are now going to make a trailer which will still be based on the idea of fashion and modelling and the control they have other modals life’s and how this repartition can be misunderstood and can destroy people’s lives.
The Mise-en-scene is going to be a vital process of the making and quality of the final piece. As a group we will plan and work hard to make a strong trailer which will be trialled to see if it would really pull people. However a trailer is very different from the real film this means that a normal trailer would use the best pieces from the film, in our case there will no film made which means all the shots we shoot we have to be made to the highest standard.
To get a more set idea I am personally study modelling themed magazines and programs on TV, which might give me a more clear insight into the life of a model and the difficulties they face. I am hoping that this idea will work well, and the trailer will be a success. This year my plan is to get more hands on with the filming and get more experience, because last year (12) I spent most of my time editing on Pro and not getting out of the classroom getting raw material.
We have already started looking at the target group because we need to make sure we put ourselves in a large market group for the film, I am personal hoping it will fit into the teenage girl group (which is really big at the moment) ie from films such as twilight or high school musical. The category for the film will either be 12A or 15.

this is a trailer of twilight film, it will be used as resurch for our trailler production process


The poster designed below is the teaser-poster (the one realised to the public a long time before the film is open for viewing. However the teaser-posters are not individual products they are media packages that will be sent to film websites or magazines, such as Empire mag and Apple film Videos. The concept of our poster and indeed of any poster is to grape a large audience quickly. The darkness of the poster has been proven in other advertising that it works as a tool to draw an individual’s attention to the poster, consequently makes them remember the details such as the name and date of the film. Although written pieces of media advertising are becoming out of date and being phased out of publics sphere they are still heavily used on bill-boards and the outside of cinemas, the poster is still a cleaver tool to give the audience information and encouragement about the film. It has been stated that over 68% of people reaching about a film they want to watch will look at the poster as well as the trailer. Thankfully posters have been given a new lease of life, bill-boards in the US are becoming 3D on screens and mouldered objects sticking out of the stand. They have become very popular with the filming adverting industry because they are really successful in catching people imagination, people will look and observe these new designs while doing everyday tasks such as sitting in traffic queues. Another new advertising process which has been brought in over the last 10 years is moving Bill-boards which change and show a different advert, these means it is possible for an advertising company to show three adverts on one bill-board stand, cutting the price considerably for the adverts parent company. MGM found that by using such bill-boards they were able to half the price of their advertising budget, which they have needed to do because of the recession and the company going into administration.
Here are some examples of 3D bill-boards in the US. I would really like to design a 3D poster for something like this however it would be unassay. Our first poster was built on a simple style because then it would be possible to use in case even if we changed our minds on the task set (which we did). The poster was also meant to be simple because then is more easy for the consumer to understand the meaning and genre of the film. The trailer and poster are heavily linked together. It is often found that shots used in the final trailer would be found a screenshot as a main picture on the poster.

Here is some famous film posters used over my time; I will use these as research to make and design our groups final poster.

Friday, 5 November 2010

A change in direction

Our team has made the group decision to change the concept and development of the film.  
Looking at the narrative of our film, we realised there were too many elements to be able to squash into a 5 minute film. After much deliberation we couldn't decide what to drop out of the film to make it shorter because we felt all elements were important. Therefore we decided rather than do a short film; we should do a trailer consisting of all the elements we thought would make the film good.

We will now be re-planning how we will come about creating our short film into a trailer. This will not mean any change to the genre of the original idea. It is quite likely that the film for the trailer will be similar to the short film that we would have made.

Monday, 18 October 2010

Production company name; Second life

Production company name; Second life
As a group we have had a bit of a vote and decided to use the name Second Life (which myself and Phoebe used last year in our old group). This name worked well considering how simple it was and was popular with the rest of the media studies class. We also now have the option of using some of the graphics and video opening and editing. Which apart from saving us time it give us the opportunity to improve the logo and make it “bigger and better”. The concept of second life came from a joke though our group. I am planning to improve the sound of the opening sequence and remix the music to make it more modern and smooth. I lent how to do this last year and I am hoping to improve my skill this year by setting myself this little task. It does not matter that this is not done straight away; I can leave it till next year because it is quick thing to do.
Hopefully you can see the sort video, above the text. It is quite likely that the video will be edited to make it more suitable for our group.

Wednesday, 6 October 2010


My mood board shows the faces and bodies of models, both the smaller sized and the larger sized. there are also clippings from aritcles and adverts, ‘everyone deserves the celebirty treatment’ this was from an advertisment for plastic surgery showing a model including quotes from her saying ‘im finally happy with my boobs’ this was significant because our idea is supposed to show how modelling isn’t what it appears to be and adverts like this are to persuade someone to change there bodies if there not happy, but the picture itself is made to make someone think ‘my body dosent look like that’ and want to change.Another quote i have included is ‘from model to homeless addict’ this is the point we’re making in our film and the story involved helps us know more about the effects of modelling and gives us a story to base it on.i also found another article about women who are all different sizes and women with scars and abnormalitys working as models or wanting to go into the business. The title reads ‘sexy has no size limit’ this is the message we are aiming to produce at the end of our film.

A2 Proposal

For A2 we are planning to produce a short film, along with a poster for the film and cover for a film magazine. We will have chose a film that we believe we will gain more experience from researching.

For our idea we are planning to produce a documentary/drama (a short film showing the representation of female models in the modern media) like “miss congeniality”. The story is based around a female character who is an FBI agent, who struggles to maintain normal life as well dealing with her demanding job.

Gracie Hart (Sandra Bullock) and Eric Matthews (Benjamin Bratt) are Special Agents with the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The bureau receives a threat against the 75th annual Miss United States beauty pageant in San Antonio, Texas from notorious domestic terrorist "Citizen". A computer search identifies Hart as the female FBI agent best qualified to go undercover as a contestant, although she pays little attention to her femininity.
Beauty pageant coach Victor Melling (Michael Caine) teaches the tomboyish Hart how to dress, walk, and act like a contestant. She is unused to such behavior, however, and sees the pageant and its participants as "outdated and antifeminist". Several suspects exist, including competition director and former pageant winner Kathy Morningside (Candice Bergen); her unpleasant assistant Frank Tobin (Steve Monroe); veteran emcee Stan Fields (William Shatner) who, like Morningside, is being replaced with a younger person; and Rhode Island's Cheryl Frasier (Heather Burns), possibly a radical animal rights activist.
Representing New Jersey as "Gracie Lou Freebush", Hart impresses the audience by playing the glass harp and demonstrating self-defense techniques during the talent competition. She unexpectedly becomes friends with Frasier and the other contestants, and when Citizen is caught elsewhere Hart and Matthews continue the investigation alone.
Hart surprises everyone, including herself, by becoming runner-up to Frasier. The agents discover that Morningside and Tobin—secretly her son—impersonated Citizen, and prevent them from assassinating Frasier with a bomb in the title tiara. Hart's fellow contestants choose her as Miss Congeniality, and she starts a relationship with Matthews.

I think this will give us the opportunity to develop skills. One skill in media that this will help improve is special effects. I am hoping to be able to use my graphic skills to develop a really good film poster, I am excited about this opportunity.  I also think we can use sound really well in this film. The use of non diegetic sound will be very useful to create atmosphere. The poster and newspaper article will be really useful to show the use of airbrushing in the graphic industry, I am have done some research into airbrushing of models and found a really good advert done by the “Dove” fragrance company, which shows a short film of a model being airbrushed and how the population need to see perfect faces.

Promotional image for Evolution
Evolution is an advertising campaign launched by Unilever in 2006 as part of its Dove Campaign for Real Beauty, to promote the newly created Dove Self-Esteem Fund. The Centre of the Unilever campaign is a 75-second spot produced by Ogilvy & Mather in Toronto, Canada.

The film opens with a "pretty, but ordinary girl" (Stephanie Betts) entering and sitting down in a studio. Two harsh lights are switched on and the first bars of The Flashbulb's "Passage D", a drum and bass piece with piano accompaniment, are heard. The short credits sequence provides the title of the film and credit to Dove. The camera then switches to a time lapse sequence, showing a team of people adding make-up and adjusting the hair of the woman, transforming her into a "strikingly beautiful billboard model." When the final physical adjustments have been made, the team members all move off-camera and a series of camera flashes begins as the photographer takes shots of the woman in various poses.
One shot is selected from the batch and moved into a generic image editing software interface, where a series of "Photoshopping" adjustments are made to alter the appearance of the model even further, including, but not limited to: lengthening the neck, adjusting the curve of the shoulder, altering the hair and skin, and enlarging the eyes and mouth. The final image is transferred to a billboard advertisement for the fictional Fasel brand of foundation makeup and the piece fades to the statement, "No wonder our perception of beauty is distorted." The film ends with an invitation to take part in "Dove Real Beauty Workshops", the logo for the Dove Self-Esteem Fund, and, in some versions, the website address of Unilever-Dove's Campaign For Real Beauty, for which the film was produced.

                                                                                    Miss Congwnialty Poster

Start of A2-Choosen short video Analyse

To complete my short video analyse I am going to choose a short film form BBC Film Network, BBC Film Network gives me the opportunity to find a high quality short video that I am able to do a detailed analyse on. I am going to use BBC Film Network though out my A2 course, this resource is extremely useful in finding other short professional films. BBC film Network was set up under BBC Films which is the feature film-making arm of the BBC. It has produced or co-produced some of the most successful British films of recent years, including Stage Beauty, A Cock and Bull Story and Match Point. It currently produces approximately eight films per year.
Up until 2007, BBC Films was run and funded as a private company, with its own offices (in Mortimer Street around the corner from Broadcasting House), while still under the full control of the BBC. A recent re-structuring of the division integrated it into the main BBC Fiction department of BBC Vision. As a result, it moved out of its independent offices into Television Centre, and its head David M. Thompson left to start his own film production company. Since April 2009, BBC Films has been led by Christine Langan and Jane Wright.